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MedExpert CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

According to Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, a medical representative spends up to 75% of its time for non-promotional activities: travel, waiting and fulfilling other tasks (the surveys showed that the administrative tasks consume 1-2 hours daily). As the waiting and travel times can’t be compressed, the only activities that can be shortened are the administrative tasks, using different tools.
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MedExpert CRM represents an application designed for:

- Medical representatives: to report their activitiy in a very short time, to plan their activity, to access the doctors and pharmacies database using several criteria (segmentation, targeting etc.), to self-monitor their activity;

- Managers at various levels, from various departments (sales / marketing, financial etc.): from a few clicks they are able to visualize, in sinthetic or detailed reports charts or tables, any relevant information regarding the medical representatives' activity, targets, comparisons between promotion and sales data etc.

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