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MedExpert Survey

MedExpert Survey is a platform for survey management, which allows your company to have a customer-centric approach, through:

1. Periodical feedback collection from clients.

2. Reports.

3. Adjustment of the company policy based on the feedback, which is reflected in reports.

The surveys can be used by:

1. The sales reps, during congresses, symposia, the calls, in order to collect relevant data for the company;
2. The managers, sending email invitations to the customers from the target group or to the customers who participated at actions organized or who were sponsored by the company, in order to answer the questions in the survey, regarding:
a. the sales reps’ evaluation;
b. the organized/sponsored action evaluation;
c. the evaluation of other aspects which are important for the company.

MedExpert Survey brings your company the following benefits:

1. Important support in the customer-centric approach.
2. The evaluation of the sales force from the customers’ perspective, based on qualitative criteria.
3. The evaluation of the company actions from the customers’ perspective, based on qualitative criteria.
4. The adjustement of the actions and messages of the company based on customers’ feedback.

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