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MedExpert Quiz CME

MedExpert Quiz is a training and testing software solution, used by the medical representatives to keep themselves updated with the necessary knowledge and whose evaluation can be done in a simple and effective way.

The application has a powerful engine for automatic generation of random tests, on the basis of the parameters that were introduced (number of questions per category, per difficulty degree etc.)

Your benefits are:

- The employees are always updated with the necessary knowledge.
- Easy process of objective evaluation of the employees.
- Stimulating, competitive atmosphere among the employees.


MedExpert CME is an excellent software solutions for managing the Continuous Medical Education, allowing the companies to add bibliographic materials and generate accredited tests, offering the physicians the possibility to get EMC credits.

Your benefits are:

- Increase your company image as preferred partner towards the specialities of interest.

- Create the conditions for a customer centric policy by providing a quality service, appreciated by the HCP's.

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