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Expert Mobile Agent (EMA) is the ideal solution for the sales organizations.

The competition on the market is high and growing. It is more and more difficult to grow or even to keep the marketshare. The winners will be those who have the tools that will help them to collect and process the data about the customers, products, competition, to monitor the expenses and the sales, to better allocate the resources, to stimulate the sales force on the basis of objective criteria.

According to the IDC survey, "Cutting the cord - The commercial impact of Mobile computing", the mobile communications solutions based on IT devices (laptops, PDA's, smartphones) can increase the effectiveness of an employee up to 120 USD/month and of a manager up to 500 USD/month.

EMA helps companies to cut the costs:
  • of phone communications;
  • of stationery and mail;
  • caused by input data errors;
  • with wages (for the personnel who input data about orders).

EMA helps companies to increase the sales:
  • by sales predictions based on sales history;
  • by quick delivery;
  • by market research;
  • by improving image.
The consequence is clear: Expert Mobile Agent leads to increased profits !